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Update: March 13 »

The University of Pittsburgh has proposed to hold the graduate student election on unionization at Benedum Hall or the Biomedical Science Tower, and both buildings are home to or are convenient to many graduate students. Union organizers have expressed dissatisfaction with these options and seek to hold the election at the William Pitt Union, which is home to very few graduate students. Holding elections there runs counter to our intent, which is to support all eligible graduate students in their right to vote. It’s also worth noting that the location of elections is ultimately a matter to be decided by the PLRB.

Update: March 7 »

On March 7, 2019, we received the decision of the Hearing Examiner appointed by the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board (PLRB) directing an election for certain graduate students. We are disappointed by the decision and are evaluating our options going forward. However, we will continue to follow the PLRB process.

The Hearing Examiner ordered that the following groups of graduate students will be eligible to vote: teaching assistants, teaching fellows, graduate student assistants, graduate student researchers. Currently, that is approximately 2,000 graduate students. We will prepare a list of eligible voters who are in these groups based on their appointments for the Spring semester.

Representatives of the University of Pittsburgh, the United Steelworkers, and the PLRB will determine when the election will occur and where voting will take place. We encourage all eligible students to be fully informed on this important issue—and to vote and make their voices heard when the election occurs.

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