A Commitment to Collaboration

Graduate students at Pitt have many opportunities to collaborate with the University and impact policy and practice.

Some specific ways (of many!) that graduate students are actively representing their classmates include:

  • University Council on Graduate Studies
  • University Planning and Budget Committee
  • University Research Council
  • Senate Budget Policies Committee
  • Senate Benefits and Welfare Committee

A Commitment to Supporting Students

Through formal and informal channels, graduate students have long partnered with the University to share their ideas and concerns and realize change for the Pitt community.

Outcomes that graduate students have helped shape in recent years include:

  • Expanded Title IX services and staffing.
  • Increased graduate stipends by 13 percent over five years.
  • Expanded counseling services. 
  • Removal of the name Parran Hall from the Graduate School of Public Health.
  • Expanded representation on Board of Trustees committees. 
  • Creation of a Graduate Student Teaching Initiative at the University Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • New University-wide graduate and professional student orientation.
  • Creation of a Parental Accommodation Policy.
  • New school-based system of omsbudspeople for graduate students.
  • Increased funding support for student-organized interdisciplinary workshops.