Graduate Student Union Election Update

The vote count from April’s unionization vote was 712 against unionization and 675 in favor. Following the election, the United Steelworkers challenged the actions of both the University of Pittsburgh and the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board related to the election. Therefore, the election results have not yet been certified. Hearings on these charges were held on May 14 and 15, 2019. We anticipate that a final ruling on these charges will not be made until sometime in the fall semester.  

Since the election, Vice Provost Nathan Urban noted that he has spoken to many students with a variety of opinions about unionization. His main message throughout this process is that he, personally, and the University, institutionally, are committed to the success of Pitt's graduate students. Vice Provost Urban continues to work to improve the University's graduate programs and the experience of Pitt students, and he wants to work with students toward these goals. Some students have expressed concern that the election created division in the graduate student community. As a University, we are dedicated to maintaining a community that is able to express opposing views while also supporting all of our students. Vice Provost Urban invites any student with ideas or concerns to reach out by email or to set up a meeting with him to discuss how we can work to make Pitt an even more outstanding place for graduate education.